« Lumi­nous creeps » is a sto­ry­tel­ling after the man­ner of couper/foutre.

A lumi­nous creep : someone who vaunts a power of insight that is meant to trans­cend any situa­tion, and in par­ti­cu­lar whi­che­ver given situa­tion that the cree­py lumi­no­si­ty ins­tant­ly trans­forms into its own recep­tacle. I can tell that you’re afraid to go to this par­ty. How can you tell I’m afraid, you don’t know me. I can tell because of my abi­li­ty to detect fear.

Lumi­nous creeps : the afte­ref­fects a lumi­nous creep can pro­duce, the echo or rever­be­ra­tion that stays on after the situa­tion is over ; the unwan­ted gift of the lumi­nous creep ; the real trans­cendent power.

DISCLAIMER. Japan is just in this EP the arbi­tra­ry name for any pos­sible des­ti­na­tion aimed at by non­cha­lant free­lan­cers, as they say in their awful skat : « yeah, I’d move to Ber­lin but my girl­friend wants to move to Japan so maybe I’ll move to Japan. »