18 09 20

Some people believe to know the fin is to know a shark, but this is an incor­rect belief. The fin is not a fin of a shark at all though it is a repro­duc­tion shark fin strap­ped on a boy’s back, and the boy with the repro­duc­tion fin does very much want to be a shark, wishes it a great deal, dreams some nights of being a shark in a great fleet of sharks in some unex­plo­red sea where sharks are in fleets and somew­hat even more power­ful that the sharks of the day­time world have shark banks full of money and min­nows. One could be, also, a per­son with a fabu­lous mal­for­ma­tion of a shark fin on her back, who says often “please excuse the fin” but others look at it and say, “look at that grand shark with that awe­some fin” when she is, under­neath the fin, a per­son who is fond of pee­ling car­rots for soup and a per­son who could other­wise just not help the fin that for­tune dealt her. Some could be real sharks, the fin an ade­quate repre­sen­ta­tion of shark­ly rea­li­ty : that’s just the deal.

Anne Boyer, « The inno­cent ques­tion », in Gar­ments against women, Ahsah­ta Press, 2015, p. 7