18 09 20

Other things that cause dis­com­fort : people picking through the trash for their food. There are those who want “only the best” and those who believe only-the-best is immo­ral. I would talk about these two impulses, one for com­fort, the other for jus­tice, and how one appears ani­mal, the other not that ani­mal at all, for what dog says of her lit­ter, “It is not only my own that should have my milk, but I will suckle the world”? I would like to meet that dog. I am the dog who can never be hap­py because I am ima­gi­ning the unhap­pi­ness of other dogs.

Anne Boyer, « The inno­cent ques­tion », in Gar­ments against women, Ahsah­ta Press, 2015, p. 13