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A calm sen­tence like a sto­ry. I used to know a man who had a dog and I fol­lo­wed their steps in the snow, I got into the habit of wal­king just as far as they did eve­ry day. At the same time I also knew a woman whose hus­band had seven guns. I used to know a woman who’s the woman who mar­ried Neil Simon. I like the woman who used to work in the Lenox mar­ket, she never wears boots, then she reti­red. In New England the women are often more exci­ting than the men, Lewis thinks so too, I don’t know why. There’s a tribe somew­here where people say about the men, look how he’s chan­ged since he’s had chil­dren, he looks awful !

Ber­na­dette Mayer, Mind­win­ter day (22 décembre 1978), New Direc­tions Books, 1982, p. 76